Toucher (a Software and Hardware system developed and "MADE IN SINGAPORE" by Edamas Medical Pte Ltd).

Toucher, a Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) System that adopts the latest computer graphics and imaging technology.

Patients are placed in a virtual environment to experience different visual and auditory stimuli. In addition, the virtual scene can help gently guide the Patient to a specific motor task.

TOUCHER is a newly developed software program system which consists of Nine Modules.

It is applicable to the following training:

1. Upper limb Movement Therapy

2. Eye Hand Co-ordination Training

3. Range of Motion Training

4. Trunk Stability Training

5. Crossing Mid-line Training


Besides making it fun for the whole Rehabilitation Therapy, patients can exercise independently and safely in front of the screen. Toucher consists of nine modules and a patient data base system.

The 9 modules are namely: Catching Birds, Apple Tree, Snow Ball, Hit the Mole, Passing Eggs, Starry Night, African Drum, Sky music and Disco Ball.

Why is Toucher very suitable for clients with special needs ?(eg High/ Mid or Low function users with cognitive impairment)

Explanation: There exist in the market, systems which are very fancy, where clients can control the cursor in the computer screen with movements of their hands. But, through our experience, we come to learn that clients with special needs (Mid or Low function users) cannot grasp or understand this concept (of controlling the cursor with the movement of their hands) when they look at the computer screen in front of them.

Our solution is to provide a "Mirror Effect", where the user gets to see themselves in the virtual exercise itself. Therefore users can intuitively participate in the exercise, without much coaching or assistance. When the users are able to see themselves in the screen, they can adjust their limbs accordingly to reach for the desired Virtual objects.